Author Bio

Ann Bedford was born in Bethesda Naval Hospital on August 8th, 1988. She spent most of her childhood in Baltimore or Westminster. In tenth grade, following a nasty divorce between her mother and her stepfather, Ann attended and eventually graduated from Blue Mountain Academy. It was here that Ann learned a deep and abiding hatred for polo’s and khaki’s. It also taught her that no one truly expected much out of the 5’1″, slightly chubby girl with occasional anxiety and depression.

Resolved to do something about this lack of faith she seemed to instill in people, Ann joined the Army Military Police Corps in January, 2007. Thus began a whirlwind military career that spanned seven years and took her from Korea, to Fort Polk, LA, to Mosul, Iraq, to Fort Carson, CO, and, at last, HQ ISAF, Afghanistan. Ann got out following her deployment to Afghanistan and tried to adjust to civilian life.

It was a hard road, but she eventually began to take classes at the local college. She eventually met her husband, Brennan, and they were married in December, 2016. Brennan joined the Air Force and Ann was back in the military life, only this time as a dependent. They moved to Valdosta, GA and it was here that Ann earned an Associate’s in Sociology. Ann began working in earnest toward her Bachelor’s. She also joined South Georgia Writer’s Guild in order to forge connections with other writers in her area. While Ann continued to excel in her schooling and began to find her own style of writing, her marriage fell into a rut that stretched out over one long, depressing year.

Ann still doesn’t have her Bachelor’s but she’s over halfway there. She’s in Afghanistan as a contractor, checking ID’s on the flightline at Kandahar Air Field. Her marriage is practically dissolved; she and Brennan haven’t spoken in weeks. But she’s happier than she’s been in years. So happy, in fact, that she decided to do something about this book that’s been sitting on her computer for months now. A book called The World Next Door.