The World Next Door

Welcome to Erde

The Immaterium houses the Tapestry that weaves the life-songs and symphonies of every possible timeline, forming the Great Song. All realms and all peoples feel its touch, but none feel it quite as strongly as the realm of Erde. Created by Ikuutayuuq the Destroyer and its aetheric powers, Erde was birthed in flames and blood and its people have known nothing but strife and suffering.

The southern country of Janedge is filled with humans and demi-elves. Their freedom and sovereignty has been bought with cold steel, blood, and determination. The Coven and its Miteres lead the country with their wisdom while the Knight Commanders and Scythian Sisterhood protect them with their lives. It is here that Ikuutayuq has been unleashed one final time and it is here that the Immaterium is torn open for the first time in hundreds of years.

Faycys sits to the north of Janedge, held at bay by the turbulent waters of the Elthto Strait. The Nine Patriarchs rule Faycys with an iron fist, subjugating any human or Elfen unlucky enough to stray too close to their borders. Two Matriarchal towers have torn their clans free from the Patriarchs and live on their own terms, shunned by the rest of their country. It is in these two towers that the first seeds of true rebellion begin to take root.

The mysterious country of Hurst sits at the world’s topmost edge. Only one massive city mars this country’s terrain. The buildings here are forged from crystal so that the wind sings as it sweeps across their towering skyscrapers, earning it the name the Whispering City. The cold, bureaucratic Elfen lead lives of luxury at the expense of their own kind. Those who do not meet their exacting standards are considered less than Elfen and are treated as slaves. Cruelty and betrayal lurk behind beautiful, smiling faces.

An entire realm away, Ripley Ford lives a life shattered by grief and the bitterness of regret. She lives in the present, ignoring the past and future alike. Only her close friend and confidant Odo Castillo keeps her alive, despite her soul-deep yearning to lay down her burdens and rest. How ironic, then, that Ripley is Erde’s only hope for salvation. The fate of the Tapestry and the Great Song rest entirely on Ripley’s weary shoulders.

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